Our Products

Advanced solutions for Diabetes and Nutrition


With twenty years of proven experience in the design of technologically advanced diabetic medical solutions, Meteda is today a 360-degree leader seeking to address innovatively the needs of physicians, patients, and partners.

Diabetes Computerized Medical Record

Electronic medical record to manage people with diabetes

Diabetes Medical recordProfessionalssoftware

DID Plus

An innovative app for patients with diabetes under insulin therapy

Diabetes CHO CountingPatientsTelemedicine


The only carbohydrate-counting app that relies upon your experience

Diabetes AppCarbohydrate countingInsulin dosePatients


Food Photobook to measure carbohydrates

Diabetes Carbohydrates countingPatientsPhotobook

Qatar National Diabetes Registry

The medical record for Qatari Professionals

Diabetes Medical recordProfessionalssoftware


METEDA’s Smart Hub to download blood glucose on the Electronic Health Record

Diabetes Blood glucoseBlood glucose metersData download


Thanks to continuous research and proven experience in the manufacture of advanced devices specialized in the nutrition field, with MètaDieta, a patient dietary history and prescription software, Meteda is a sector leader joining its partners in the continuous search for innovative solutions in the nutritional field.


A software to complete food histories and formulate meal plans

Nutrition DietFood surveyProfessionalssoftware

MètaDieta Mobile

Diet at a Smartphone’s reach

Nutrition AppFood diaryPatients

MètaDieta Pad

An app for professionals to collect medical histories and promote nutrition education

Nutrition AppNutrition surveyProfessionals

Food Dictionary

Information on what you eat always with you with an App

Nutrition AppPatients

Research Projects

Meteda has honed experience coordinating and partnering in regional, national and European projects. It continues to identify and pursue new opportunities.


Lifestyle coaching based on ambient intelligence for enhanced health

Research Projects Home automationNutritionPreventionSensors


Healthy life support through extended monitoring of individual and environmental behaviors

Research Projects AALClinical sensorsElderlySuspected diagnoses


Solution to promote healthy eating in self-sufficient elderly people

Research Projects AALElderlyNutritionResearch projectsSelf-sufficient living


Remote metabolic monitoring

Research Projects Childhood obesityLifestyleNutritionPhysical activity


Network services to promote self-sufficiency of the elderly

Research Projects ElderlyHome automationNutritionPrevention


Personalised nutrition to prevent diet-related diseases

Research Projects NutritionPrevention


The new mHealth solution for diabetes management

Research Projects


Innovative solution for the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes and hypertension

Research Projects NutritionPrevention