Diabetes Computerized Medical Record

Electronic medical record to manage people with diabetes

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A software to manage clinical data in Diabetes Centres

With the goal of supporting Diabetes Centres in the management and review of patients with diabetes’ data, Meteda has developed over time the computerized medical record, a diabetes electronic medical record. METEDA expressly aims at managing and further developing the software for the purpose of optimizing the use of diabetes electronic medical records in field of Italian Diabetology.

It facilitates patient management and clinical data collection

The system facilitates storing and processing of clinical and self-monitoring data of patients with diabetes.  Efficiently catalogued and consistently updated, data can be quickly consulted both by hospitals and outpatient facilities, thus becoming a tool ever so useful to and appreciated by the Diabetes Scientific Community.

In-depth look

The electronic records stored in the computerized medical system are an important tool to manage patients with diabetes, both in hospital and outpatient settings.

The electronic record’s goal is to track patients since their first access to a medical facility, by storing information related to their laboratory  blood chemistry tests and evaluation of previous and current complications. These data will educate patients on their health and in making correct nutrition choices, while also enabling medical professionals to manage comorbidities. Upon each evaluation, the physician will be able to provide patients with the correct therapy and medication prescription, as well as issue customized summary documentation relative to the evaluation. The computerized medical record streamlines over time the management of follow-ups relating to complications for the purpose of optimizing their prevention.


The diabetes clinical management software is a scalable system allowing multicenter management whereby multiple local, provincial, and regional Centres can be managed by use of the same archive, and information shared among different Specialists.

immagine-con-monitorThe system can be integrated with systems currently used by some medical facilities: unified booking networks, analysis laboratories, hospital archives, and electronic prescription systems.  In addition, Integrated Management allows to communicate with General Practitioners.  At any time, medical specialists who need access to clinical data or administrative reports for the assessment of medical activities undertaken by a centre, can extract information by way of a statistics function. The software also allows to conduct advanced clinical studies, among which the AMD Annals have to be mentioned.

Electronic medical records are today in use in 90% of Italian Diabetes Centres and used regularly by healthcare personnel.