We work every day alongside our clients, commercial partners, and the scientific community to enhance the understanding of the real needs in the diabetes and nutrition fields.

Our commitment allows us to continuously enhance the scientific value and degree of innovation of our software and medical devices.


We strive to be landmark in the development of medical software and devices for physicians and patients in the field of diabetes and nutrition. We would like to stand out in terms of innovation and creativity of our products, as well of the attention we provide our clients, at both  pre- and post-sale stages.  We want our clients to see us as their partners.

History and Milestones

Since 2002, we have been committed to providing end users with medical software that manages diabetes and nutrition. Through our professional experience in the field of Diabetology, we have also developed medical devices capable of screening diabetic neuropathies.

We are a primary provider on the Italian market and METEDA’s intent is now to expand our client base beyond the national border, into foreign markets.

Feb 2002

METEDA was established

Jan 2004

Software distribution agreement of EuroTouch with Lifescan

May 2004

First extraction of data for AMD annals

Dec 2004

Conferral of the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate for the Quality Management System

Jun 2006

Development of the AMD quality of care KPIs software for diabetologists

May 2007

Received patent on the IGD system for titration of basal insulin through mobile application

Sep 2007

Market launch of MètaDieta

Nov 2009

Release of the Interactive Diabetes Diary (DID) application on the App Store

Nov 2009

Publication on Diabetes Care of the international study on DID's effectiveness

Nov 2010

Release of MètaDieta Mobile application on the App Store

Apr 2011

Received a patent in the US and in Europe for the Dynamic Diet System

Jan 2013

Software distribution agreement of MyStar Connect with Sanofi Italy

Feb 2013

Meteda is project leader of the AALISABETH project (AAL Marche region) together with 13 other partners

Apr 2013

Creation of Barodial Software for Novonordisk Algeria

Jul 2013

Meteda is project leader of the Helicopter project (AAL EC) together with 9 foreign partners

Sep 2013

Received patent on Multi Meal Bolus for the calculation of the insulin bolus

Oct 2013

900 installations of MyStar Connect are reached in Italy

Nov 2013

Realization of LTHome for Sanofi Corporate. The first web system for Basal insulin titration

Dec 2013

Conferral of the ISO 13485:2012 certificate for the Quality Management System of Medical Devices

Feb 2014

30 installations of Barodial are reached in Algeria

Feb 2014

Testing of LTHome in Canada

Jun 2014

Publication of normality values in biothesiometry, assessed with Meteda's UltraBiotesiometro

Nov 2014

Creation of the National Diabetes Registry for the Supreme Council of Health in Qatar

May 2015

Patent application for NeuroTester Air and Termoskin 2.0

Jun 2015

40 installations of the National Diabetes Registry are reached in Qatar

Sep 2015

Software distribution agreement of MyStar Connect with Sanofi Cina

Certified Quality

ISO 9001: 2015

EN ISO 13485:2016


Our 2010 ISO 9001:2015 certification, followed in 2013 by EN ISO 13485: 2016 certification, ensures that all METEDA’s corporate activities undergo detailed procedures and validation.