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Diet at a Smartphone’s reach

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The app for enhanced management of eating habits

Most diets suggest which foods are recommended in order to lose weight. MètaDieta Mobile is, instead, a tool that permits to control and manage one’s diet, considering personalized goals and habits. It is an effective tool to guide those who wish to lose weight in a simple and effective manner, directly from their Smartphone.

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Effective and at everybody’s reach

By relying upon a graphic indicator signalling that the recommended daily calorie and micronutrients requirements have been met, users can monitor their eating habits in relation to their weight-loss goals. Day after day, in addition to monitoring their progress, users will be able to update their weight, include their daily calorie requirements, as well as any energy consumption associated with their sports activity of choice.

In-depth look

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To start using the app, users have to register, first entering their personal and anthropometric data, then providing information concerning what type of diet they are following, and their eating habits, including how many meals they have per day and which is their primary meal. Among the app’s most important features is information about the user’s recommended body weight and the time required to achieve it. It is then necessary that users accurately record their daily food. For doing this, users rely upon a rich food and beverage photographic archive where they can select the serving sizes consumed, and to which they can add more pictures and/or foods.

metadieta-mobile-approfondimentiFurthermore, the Mètadieta Mobile app allows users to select more quickly and easily foods stored under their Favourite list.

Accordingly, the Mètadieta Mobile app is a program that helps user better understand what they eat, providing concrete information about their nutritional requirements in relation to their goals.


Download the App and start using MètaDieta Mobile Download from App Store Download from Google Play