The new mHealth solution for diabetes management

Research Projects

New technologies to improve diabetes management

DIAWATCH exploits the potential of mobile and wearable technologies, as well as a virtual coach based on proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms, to improve the shared management of diabetes and to empower patients to be more aware and adherent to recommendations and therapy.

Web platform for clinician and Mobile App for Patients

DIAWATCH enables shared management of diabetes through two solutions: Web platform for Clinician and Mobile App for Patients. Health professionals dealing with people suffering from diabetes can manage, monitor and communicate with their patients in an easy web tool. People suffering from diabetes can use a mobile app on their smartphone for improving their self-management, accessing health information and training materials, monitoring their status and progress, and being recommended about exercises and healthy behaviours to perform.

In-depth look

The Web Platform is an on-line tool designed for those health professionals who deal with people suffering from diabetes. The platform enables clinicians to monitor in real-time health status of patients. An electronic medical record (EMR) for each patient is embedded in the platform, thus favouring the storage and retrieval of medical history and health data when needed. Furthermore, the platform enables text and multimedia messages between patient and appointed clinician, so to improve continuous monitoring and feedback.

Patients can easily download and use a mobile app on their smartphones, in order to access DiaWatch. Through the mobile app patients can monitor, manage and report about the status of exam and value and the adherence to planned treatment. A Virtual Coach – Dr. Pro– will be constantly running and elaborating reminders, recommendations and alerts for the user. Health information and education materials are available in the app, as well as the possibility to monitor own status through my plan section.