METEDA’s Smart Hub to download blood glucose on the Electronic Health Record

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From the blood glucose meter to Smart Digital Clinic as simple and efficient as possible

GlucoMagic is a device designed and produced by METEDA to easily download blood glucose meters without any software installation on the HCPs computer. GlucoMagic allows HCPs and patients to download blood glucose data from almost all the blood glucose meters available on the market, including Bluetooth.

GlucoMagic makes it easier for HCPs to download blood glucose on Smart Digital Clinic

GlucoMagic brings many advantages compared to connecting the glucose meter directly to the computer. First of all, it does not need system administrator rights to be installed. Furthermore, GlucoMagic allows the download of both, cable and Bluetooth glucose meters. All the GlucoMagic’s features make it easier for the operator to perform his work and allow him to dedicate more time on the patient healthcare.