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Do you know what you eat?

It is becoming increasingly important to be aware of what food components we eat. With its illustrations and information on servings and macronutrients and calories of each listed food, the Food Dictionary is the ideal tool to monitor your eating habits.

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To have the food composition and ingredients always with you!

With more than 1000 foods collected from various official sources, it is possible, at any time and from anywhere on your Smartphone, to view the calorie, as well as Protein, Fatty (Lipids), Sugar (Glycides), Fibers and Alcohol content of a given food. The Food Dictionary provides the user with information on what is eaten, thus avoiding large servings and keeping an eye especially on macronutrients and calories.

In-depth look

logo1To preserve your well being means first and foremost to know what you eat. MeTeDa has inserted in its Food Dictionary app a complete database from official sources of more than 1000 items that include foods and drinks. In addition to presenting the food picture, the app also allows to consider different servings, thus recognizing which macronutrients will be or have just been consumed. Each food lists Calories (Kcal), as well as Protein, Fatty (Lipids), Sugar (Glycides) etcetera; where applicable, alcohol content is also provided for drinks like wine and beer. smartphone-su-tavolo-con-scree100Il

The Database is organized alphabetically in order to make it easier looking for each food during every meal. Furthermore, it is possible to store the most consulted foods in the Favorites list, which permits an easier and quicker access to the desired information.

All information provided considers raw food, net of waste and without seasoning of any kind.
In the most elaborated dishes, grams refer to the primary ingredient, intended as the ingredient having the highest carbohydrate content, always considered raw and without seasoning. It is understood that the bromatological content of a given food refers to the recipe with seasoning, all of them considered raw. The Food Dictionary is an important support to follow a healthy and balanced nutrition; it can help to count carbohydrates, save time, and know foods better.


Download the app and start using Food Dictionary Download from App Store Download from Google Play