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We are committed to leveraging our proven experience in support of innovative and technologically advanced solutions for Diabetes and Nutrition. METEDA partakes in important research projects in the capacity of Coordinator or Partner and continues to seek new development opportunities.

Certified Quality

Quality is our corporate mission and the key to our success at our clients’ service.

Our ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2012 certifications are proof of our skills and abilities in the design and manufacture of medical devices within the parameters of a certified quality management system.

METEDA is certified for the following activities: “Design, development, installation, and assistance relating to medical software. Design, production, and assistance relating to medical and telemedicine devices”.

Corporate numbers

2500 Clients who chose MètaDieta
150.000 Download of Food Dictionary
1500 Centers using MyStar Connect
3000 Download of Insulin&Food

We feel close to our Clients. The client satisfaction is our main goal

Massimo Grilletta - Customer Care Coordinator
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